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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

House for sale - Bahia, Brazil

General Information

Price: R$ 167.611
Property Code: ALS1
Location: Estrada do Côco, Arembépe
Total bedrooms:2
View:Sea view
Area of land:58m² (623 sq.ft.)
Year of construction:2009

Property Description

Plena Enterprises is applauded internationally for their vision and innovation in their launch of Aldeia San Sebastien - Bahia’s first beach condominium actively marketed toward the GLBT community! Gay and lesbian tourists from the world over are discovering the unique beauty that Bahia has to offer and are purchasing property here for investment or retirement. The beauty and pleasures of Aldeia Saint Sebastien, however, are by no means just for the GLBT community – investors from all walks of life are welcome, independent of sexual orientation. The idea builds on the history of freedom and alternative lifestyles that the Arembepe community has long embodied. In the 70s the area was famous for its hippie community on the beach which continues today. It’s most famous visitors include Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger along with many Brazilian musicians like the Novos Baianos. Although based on the notion of freedom and acceptance, you won’t be ‘roughing it’ like the hippies did in the 70s. Aldeia Saint Sebastien, located right on the beach, will be a fully developed condominium complete infrastructure including swimming pool, ofuro spa, sauna, gourmet space for entertaining and parties, home theater, and fitness center. Don’t miss this unique opportunity - Contact us for more information or to arrange a visit.

Neighborhood Information

Arembépe: Arembepe is a district of the city of Camaçari, located only 30 kms from the Salvador International Airport, in an Ecologically Protected Area. The place was discovered by hippies in the decade of 1970. It is home to many beautiful natural pools on the beach and beautiful Lake Capivara. The word Arembepe comes from the native language Tupi-Guarani meaning "something that involves us or to enchant ourselves".

Sales Price

Show price in:

R$ 167.611

Details & Amenities

Property features
Total bedrooms:2
Ensuite bathrooms:1
Garage spaces:1
Living rooms:1
Social bathrooms:1
View:Sea view
Central gas:
Area of land:58m² (623 sq.ft.)
Year of construction:2009

Condominium Features
Party area:
Sea access:
Swimming pool:
Visitor parking:
Doorman 24h:
Year of construction:2009

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House for sale
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