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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Flat rental in Salvador, Brazil

Payment Options

Flat rental Salvador Brazil graphic In order to reserve a rental property
you may select from the following
two payment options:

I. Pay only the deposit now and full rental amount at check in*

Deposit amounts:

  • Non-Carnaval rentals: 20% of total rental amount
    (or R$250, whichever amount is greater).
  • Carnaval rentals: 50% of total rental amount
    * Full rental amount is due 30 days prior to check in for Carnaval rentals

II. Pay in full now

Full rental amount
+ Cleaning fee (if applicable)
+ refundable damage deposit
+ any requested extra services

Carnaval apartment graphic

Once we receive your reservation
deposit, your rental is guaranteed!


rent with Paradise Properties Bahia graphicDepending on where you are sending money from in the world,
there different payment methods for you to choose from:

Anywhere in the United States:
Salvador Brazil apartment rent graphic
  • Deposit into US Citibank account
  • Deposit into US Washington Mutual bank account
  • * international handling fee is waved for these two banks.

Anywhere in the world:
Carnaval apartment rental graphic
  • Online payment with credit card via Paypal
  • * an international handling fee applies for this service: 3% for US issued cards and 6% for non-US cards.

apartment rentals in paradise graphic

Anywhere in Brazil:
Carnaval apartment rent graphic
  • Deposit into Banco do Brasil account
  • Deposit into Caixa Econômica bank account
  • Brazilian bank payment order (Boleto de cobrança)

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