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Vacation Apartments Rental Classifications


You will find a wide variety of apartment options listed on our apartments for rent page, but which one is right for you?

It is important to realize that rental standards and amenities in Salvador may differ from those in the US, Europe or even other parts of Brazil. For example, cable television is not as commonly found as in North America. In Salvador, you will find cable television only with luxury rentals.

The following information is provided to help you make the right rental decision based on your budget and needs.


  • Bed, pillows and linens
  • Kitchen complete with utensils, refrigerator, and stove
  • Private bathroom - note that running hot water is not common in Salvador, but hot water showers are provided via an electric showerhead.
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All apartments listed on this site are screened and located in safe areas.


Budget rentals – When low price is the number one factor in your apartment rental decision

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Equipped simply, these apartments are very basic in size and interior design. They tend to be quite small in comparison to apartment sizes in the US and/or Europe. Air conditioning is usually not an amenity and televisions are only included when listed in the apartment description. Great for students and long term travelers on a budget.

Mid-range rentals – When price and comfort are equally important factors in your apartment rental decision

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These apartments are generally larger and possess more amenities than budget rentals and more attention is given to the quality of decor and furnishings. Design style usually reflects local aesthetics. Great for groups, professionals or short vacation rentals.

Luxury rentals – When you are looking for exclusive and luxurious accommodations

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These apartments are exceptional properties offering a unique opportunity to stay in luxurious accommodations during your vacation in Salvador. Comfort, prime location, artistic design, and exceptional amenities are all qualities of the luxury apartments listed here. Maid/laundry service is included in the price unless otherwise noted. Great for anyone looking for a unique place to stay and a truly memorably rental experience in Salvador.


Paradise Properties Bahia prides itself on listing apartments that are fairly priced according to the going local rates. Across the board, the prices found on our website offer the best deals on the internet for vacation apartment rentals in Salvador.

Prices are set according to specific location, rental category, size, general state/decor of the apartment, and whether or not the property possesses certain amenities such as sea views, verandas, 24 hour doorman, or any other unique characteristics.

Budget and Mid-range apartments

With the current advantageous exchange rate for visitors bringing European and North American currencies, the prices for budget and mid-range apartments allow for some incredible values on your rental.

Luxury apartments

Luxury apartments include many amenities that extend well beyond the design styles commonly found among local rental apartments. Prices reflect the high costs and maintenance fees associated with these properties. While daily prices for these apartments are on par with US/European prices, they still offer a better value than many hotels.

Please read apartment descriptions carefully and choose an apartment option that corresponds to your budget and personal needs. Feel free to contact us with any concerns that you might have about the properties listed on this site.


Salvador, Brazil flat rental graphicSalvador and Bahia are located in the tropics so bugs are prevalent. Ants are found just about everywhere – any scraps of food left lying around will ensure their arrival. Fortunately, they are easily deterred by insecticide sprays that can be bought locally from supermarkets.

Mosquitoes do not pose much of a problem within the city of Salvador. Malaria is not found in Salvador or the surrounding region. Mosquito repellent is available locally at supermarkets and pharmacies.

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